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A classic dish with a Crafty twist!

Tom's handcrafted pizza cones
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Mobile Food Truck in Delaware

At Tom's Hand "Craft"ed Pizza Cones, we redefine the pizza experience with our mouthwatering, portable, and hand-held pizza cones. As a mobile food truck service in Newcastle County, Delaware, we pride ourselves on using quality ingredients and providing fast customer service. Our focus is not only on satisfying your pizza cravings but also on creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for you.

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Why Pizza Cones?

Gone are the days of traditional, messy pizza slices. Enter the world of pizza cones – a fun, innovative, and convenient way to enjoy your favorite pizza flavors on the go. Our pizza cones are perfect for events, parties, or just a quick bite while you're out and about. Plus, they're easy to eat, with no need for plates or utensils!

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Quality Ingredients Matter

At Tom's Hand "Craft"ed Pizza Cones, we believe that great taste starts with the best ingredients. That's why we source only the highest quality ingredients, including fresh produce and premium meats. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our pizza cones are not only delicious but also a healthier option for you and your family.

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Fast Customer Service

We understand that your time is valuable, so we make it our mission to serve you quickly without compromising on the quality of our pizza cones. Our mobile food truck is designed for efficiency, ensuring that your order is prepared and ready to enjoy in no time.

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Portable & Hand-Held

Our pizza cones are designed to be portable and hand-held, making them the perfect choice for busy individuals, families on the go, and event catering. Say goodbye to messy pizza slices and hello to the convenience and fun of pizza cones.


Events Catering

Looking for a unique and delicious catering option for your next event? Tom's Hand "Craft"ed Pizza Cones is the perfect choice. We offer a variety of pizza cone options, as well as salads, to satisfy the taste buds of all your guests. Contact us to discuss our catering packages and availability.

Serving Delaware & Beyond

While our primary service area is Newcastle County, Delaware, we have plans to eventually branch out to nearby states. Stay tuned for updates on our expanding service areas, and don't miss the opportunity to try our delicious pizza cones at an event near you.

Join us in our journey to revolutionize the pizza experience, one cone at a time. We look forward to serving you soon!

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